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Friday, 19-Aug-2011 03:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
from alleycats to botak chin

mula dia ok...
ish ni kalau bapak dia nampak mesti suruh buang gambaq ni
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second time shaving his hair off...ohh i'm gonna miss his locks



Saturday, 30-Jul-2011 13:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
9 month old now MashaAllah

mommy this is not fun!
smile for camera?
weee!!! (mommy jer yg suker)
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I tried to put him in the swing in the children's play area twice, but twice i think he was bit scared with the whole new experience, you can see his face was bit uncertain, no laughing just serious face !

Moo is his favourite toy, given as a gift when we visited aunty Ya (nira), he now sleeps with Moo andloves to hug and kiss Moo, AND he always cheekily refuses to kiss mommy!!!

Tuesday, 12-Jul-2011 12:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Taiko kampung north london

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To counteract the pink buggy that ummi bought for Saalih, Saalih puts up a 'taiko' pose when he goes strolling in his buggy (MashaAllah)

Friday, 8-Jul-2011 14:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Another mealtime entry - lunch time today :)

Mommies spaghetty
Which Saalih demanded to share!
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I was having my brunch, thinking Saalih was already full from his breakfast one hour ago... my i was wrong, seeing I was eating his favourite meal of all, spaghetty... he demanded me to share my lunch with him too... only when he eats spaghetty and pizza he will be very demending if I feed him slowly, crying for the next feed, opening his mouth wide for me to see....comel mashaAllah... hehe Saalih...Saalih...

Also, we have ditched our big TV long time ago as its a bit of negative influence. So instead I bought him a portable DVD player for his children DVDs and also listening to Quran. I have two arabic DVD which he absolutely loved! The 'colour' and 'animal' DVD. Giggling away as he watched them. I am learning arabic too from his DVD. They are two more of the same DVD from the same company that I want to buy soon inshaAllah, the 'shape' and the 'number' one... they are like the 'Baby Einstien' ones but in arabic. The english Baby Einstien ones i found them at the local libraries so I borrow them from time to time, cost £1 per week to borrow. The libraries here are so baby and children friendly, they have many play group session and singing session for babies, but I never joined them, too much people (mommy is a bit anti-social) and too much daddy (nowadays in UK daddies take care of babies as much as mommies). SO i just go there to borrow books, DVDs and toys...yes you heard it right, TOYS too!!! and good expensive educational toys... for FREE! for three weeks! don't need to buy so much...just borrow from the 4 libraries nearby... Alhamdulillah we live in the area where there are lots of families, so they cater for children much.

Friday, 8-Jul-2011 13:34 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Saalih having his breakie

Weeee me eating breakfast yummy... MashaAllah
sodap tau....
Grandpa look, i can stand now... mashaAllah
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This entry is about Saalih having his breakfast. When we go outing, inshaAllah i'll put some pictures of us outside, but as for today, we are just chilling in da house, a bit messy as Saalih's daddy has been away for 3 days... so Saalih's mommy been messy-ing the house as usual hehe ...

Several days ago I found a bookshop in the neighbourhood where they sell cheap books, mostly half of the price anywhere else, and they are new books, not second hand and mostly children books. I have passed by that shop many times but never thought of going in, what a surprise when I found all these book for saalih!!!

So today just showing one of the book I bought, its about mealtime for babies and children... got it for £4 where the retail price at other bookshop is £9.99 , bargain huh? I have been adding more and more to Saalih library collection, maybe a new entry just for his book soon, inshaAllah...remind me if i forget.

So today's breakfast is 3 slices of royal gala apple, a few blueberries and a quarter of banana... mashed up... Saalih seems to like it. The apple were not that finely meshed, so with his only two front teeth, he took a bit of time chewing his meal. Gotto teach him to love fruits as his daddy does don't want him to pick all the bad habits of his mommy and daddy... plus getting him ready when he goes back to Yan, the fruit heaven... InshaAllah...

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